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smartmicro Radars for Ashghal Intelligent Transportation System Project

Key Technical International (KTC) would like to highlight the outstanding achievement in the deployment of 336 smartmicro Radars for the Public Work Authority (Ashghal), which was executed as part of our ITS Project in Greater Doha.

These advanced radars were installed some time ago and continue to offer exceptional capabilities in the field of Traffic counting, with the ability to detect up to 256 vehicles simultaneously, measure their position, speed and record data from up to 8 lanes within a 450-meter radius. The radars can be also used at traffic junctions for presence detection and adaptive traffic control.

KTC has effectively deployed the smartmicro Radars for various ITS purposes, including vehicle counting, wrong-way driving detection, incident detection and speed measurement. The information recorded from the radars are then connected to ITS platform in order to take decisions related to improving traffic. KTC Technical Team has been consistently maintaining the radars to ensure optimal performance and accuracy.

KTC is firmly committed to offering innovative solutions and delivering the highest quality services to its valued clients.

smartmicro Radars for Ashghal Intelligent Transportation System Project