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Invisible Robotic Parking

KTC is one of the leading companies to have introduced Robotic Parking in Qatar in partnership with Klaus Multiparking, Germany.

Klaus Multiparking, Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of stack and robotic parking systems in the world for over 60 years with projects in over 80 countries.

At KTC, We can built different models of Stack & Robotic Parking based on clients requirement from private villas use to multistory commercial use.

There are different types of models of Robotic Parking:

???????Car Stackers, Semi-Automatic Car Parking Systems, Multi-Level Parking, Pallets, Fully-Automatic Car Parking System.

The primary benefits of Automated Parking system compared to conventional multistory car park are:

Upto 70% less land area needed

Upto 50% smaller building volume.

Upto 12% ROI

Upto 85% fewer CO2 emissions generated by driving.

Please check the photo which is demonstrating Invisible Robotic Parking Multibase U20

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Invisible Robotic Parking